Playing mantis looks shaken



expand…Accept and move on. Elections are over. Try again 2027. Leave the elected govt to do its job. Raila cows are really boring and nuisance. All they can think is having the old gizzard sit on that seat of power which shall never happens. Elections are over and Ruto is the president for next 5 years. Be awake to that, adjust your mind to that and stop inecessant complaining. Get busy also with your life and your hustle.

2027 contest becons …
It is pre-Election Jitters …:D:D

Zakayo shouldn’t be allowed to rule in peace. There should be mega demonstrations daily until he starts respecting peasants.

Lets see what he will do. For the first time he never mentioned anything about cost of living because he knows hapo amechemsha

These hustlers are not doing ANYTHING for you …
They are pre-occupied with enriching themselves and their cronies …:mad::mad:

It is instructive that 2022 elections campaigns started in 2019 (or earlier!). You say others are “boring” - who told you anyone owes you entertainment?

Ruto is not responsible for the high cost of living is he? Cost of petrol, flour, electricity was high way before he got into office

Problem is he is not seen to be doing anything about it; well, except praying.

As the head of state he should put Kenya interest first. Awache kulamba hio mboro ya wabeberu. He should go for cheap gas and fertilizer from Putin. Mzungu hakuna kitu anatusaidia nayo apart from advocating wanaume watombane mkundu.

He was already in office nuguhead. Since 2013.

Eti all citizens have equal opportunities? Gaswaga alisema watu wa shares wapate kwanza. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

That is the problem he should do more

But he wasn’t the president was he

Tunajenga pipeline ya gas kutoka Tanzania
Fertilizer imeletwa

What did he promise during his campaigns? Yes, he’s responsible for his promises…

He boasted he did all the work while President was drinking.

Ojinga at his best…the real mchawi prey mantis

Drowning can be a form of rescue :smiley:

What “Shares” are the ordinary Mt: Kenya and Rift Valley Hustler Voters getting …???

They are starving like the rest of us …
They pay the same inflated prices for neccessities and services like te rest of us …

The only benefactors are Zakayo , Riggy Gee , First Wives , First Daughters and Cronies …
You can take that thought to the 2027 Elections …