Planting Bamboo

Is this a viable Biz idea ??

On some idle 3 Acres upcountry near Aberdares.

panda waru na caffesy

Looking at a longterm project that requires minimum intervention due to travelling constraints.

Mi sijui. But nimesoma that bamboo can grow up to 90 cm per day

bamboo hufanyiwa nini…



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Am looking at local usage.

Hehehe. Hizi ndio viboko digital?


good idea,hutengeneza furniture

thts a great idea: u can also consider grwng passion fruit…

But pray those forest elephants dont break out of that kafence. They love bamboo shoots like crazy…but I think its a great idea.

Y not Eucalyptus trees??? Can be harvested & sold after a few years

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There’s a chic I know who’s doing that. She is called Kokah 0724377568.She is doing large scale.Right now at Narok, which apparently has the best weather conditions. Selling 2 acres at 800k. That is inclusive 150k for seedlings and management. Takes 4 years to mature, yhey guarantee a market as the Chinese are already putting up a factory locally. You get a title, and harvesting for the next 20+ years. Per year an acre should give you approx 900k.However, you cannot plant mahindi on that farm as you will have to sign ana agreement. If wish to withdraw from the project then you have to sell it to someone with bamboo interest at heart.

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kwani shamba inakua yao

No.its yours, but you buy with the agreement of planting bamboo only.kama hutaki unauzia mtu mwingine, but You get a title for the plots you buy. The concept is that of a gated community/development only that is this case its a bamboo farm. You may even ask your bank to finace you.