Planteshen is hard: obese wives

Kuna shida naona in most marriages. You find a guy who is 35 years old. He looks fit and healthy. However, his wife of 30 years has two kids or three. She however appears fat, overweight and disfigured. She has a pot belly and sagging neck. Is this the reason why many married men are cheating? Since by the time the wife hits 40, she will not be sexually appealing

Mkeka wives. The kind we talked about sometime back. The wives who specialize in hitting the malls, buying stuff they don’t need, eating junk food and all that.

They are the type that can order three buckets of KFC at her husband’s expense instead of cooking for her family.

Though true. Baby bearing comes with consequences and mostly ni kunona.

It takes discipline and determination to shed those baby fats. Mostly give up.

That’s why my criteria for one is at least they work out proper in a gym or home gym, she doesn’t have to have a flat tummy or skinny but be in great shape, mutu ikona culture ya gym atajirudisha back to shape after childbirth faster sana almost immediately.

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Pole sana kwake mkamba wa yesu @PHARMACY


For most of them, there is a don’t care attitude and laziness. They forget to take care of their looks and that’s where everything goes haywire

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM… Even Post wall chieth khupipi know that you are a bottom of the barrel useless beta male planteshen worker ghaseer who deserves the worst form of punishment, abuse and misuse.
Hizi post wall chieth khupipi can’t put any effort to look good kama vile walikua wanajipodoa na kumaintain figure when they were chasing Mgtow alpha male s,unapata khupipi ya @Yuletapeli atakupanda stairs za first floor apartment Yao huko komarock,anapumua na kutoa jasho Hadi ananuka meffi na harufu ya tyre

Hehehe. People need to go for education before marriage

They are cheating because they are timid, they fear telling their partners the truth.

If you tell them the truth they will develop grudges

Chifu bibi yako ni overweight na obese Pole sana man.

Karoga, wife yangu ameshinda warembo wote ushai ama utawahi date. :D:D

Mwanamke akiolewa amefika destination, what else is there apart from getting fat ?

Marriage is retirement scheme for women,periodt.

Mine is not obese

A friend of mine bibi alikua in good shape two years ago. We met in December bibi ako double the original size. Sura imejaa na hapendezi hata kidogo . Hata kama ni kuzaa hio hapana. Huyo mjamaa aliniambia kwanini sio nikamwambia MGTOW=FREEDOM Pole za leo zimfikie miserable planteshon man @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!!

A few decades ago. Mcambodia kama uyu amezaa watoi 5+ na ako slim fit…

What were the dynamics then and know ?