Plantation problems: Fighting over sex

Libido iko chini juu ya stress, wanaume eleweni women don’t compartmentalize like you. Umefutwa job na bado uko na libido. Poleni though it sucks to force yourself to sleep with someone ati juu ya Conjugal rights. Hii dunia ya wanaume ni harsh. You either do it or demand or I threaten you? Maisha ya Ndoa ni hard Joe. Afadhali hii weekend luvin’ ya baba @Micymas kaa hujiski unamwambia imeenda safari.

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Some women can frustrate a man. Her task was to spread her legs and let him finish his business. It will take less than 30 minutes of her 24 hours. Why complicate a simple act of nature? Now that marriage is bound to fail. The man will dip his wick in dirty wells in brothels. He’s done. It’s now over for him.

If she had time to reply to his text messages, why was it so difficult to give him sex?

Di man wi join di elders at SJ, an fi him life wi neva be di same again.


Kwani wanaume huku nje hukula mabibi daily ? Kwani huwa hamboeki, coomer ukikula twice consistently huwa inaboo


@Simiyu22 haezi amini relationship inaeza endelea bila kumangana kama sungura


planteshen workers mnaumia sana mno saidi :rofl: :rofl:

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Babako ni muluhya coz vile ananipeleka na rieng wah… Kwanzaa kuset mood ni hii song. Your dad is the real MVP…Last week alianza story za vile ulikua kabunuwasi ukiwa mdogo nikamwambia asiniharibie mood staki story za wewe ukiwa mtoi.

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So if mtu ako na stress job huwezi elewa? Kwani ni chakula? Must you eat every day?

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Women need to understand, the penis has a mind of its own, we do have erections even when we are asleep. At times we have erections without our knowledge. Imesimama na wewe uko busy doing other things.

That little man down there. Kisirani tupu.

How to deal with the little man, just feed him and all will be fine. Is that something complicated to understand.

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Mimi nakula bibi yangu only three times in a week. Hiyo ujinga ya kukula daily ni ya baruhya na teenage boys kama Cortedivore


Oh mi goodness, planned sex boring sex. Yuh may nuh be feeling like having it but di wife shi wa it, sasa utamkausha ama kumpea lousy sex. Lazima uajibike kaka. Sex ni vile mnaka feel.

Sex is not food ATI lazima ukule daily. You can always wait for tomorrow if your brain is functional

Mocakwe unaingizwa kwa tanye rest of days
Context is important

What if she wants it, and you are not in the mood because it happens? It’s normal.

You must have self control otherwise ukienda jela utakua unarape Jowie au? Coz the little man down there needs to be fed then he will be OK? Kueni serious.

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So it is OK for the man to say no if he’s not in the mood but not OK if the woman is doing it.

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Soma comment taratibu madam.

It’s simple peana yaishe. Some ladies complicate this issue and later complain when the man finds another woman who willingly gives him.

Utaskia a woman saying “there is nothing I never gave you, I gave you everything”.

A man only wants sex. Assure him atapata, let him rely on you. Unampimia anaanza kuona your many weaknesses, kwa ufupi you start opening his eyes…anaona kumbe Kuna wazuri zaidi, let me try them, then it works out fine, anaanza ku cheat. Once ameonja nje, and gained confidence, it’s over.

You have not answered my question. If say you go to jail or she goes into a coma or has cancer God forbid utado? Since you can’t live without sex itakuaje?

Sasa ingekua whenever I feel horny I go sleep with a man bcz it’s a matter of life and death ingekuaje? You have to have self control otherwise hio inje unaona has some very dangerous elements who could bring you and your family to destruction, don’t forget that nowadays madawa ni mingi sana hapa nje to milk men who have no self control of their money.

Hii dunia ya siku hizi you have to have alot of self control bure utajipata kwa mambo zingine more than what you signed up for. Anyway, maybe bcz we ni mtu wa kimataifa we see life through different lenses. I don’t see my husband the way women of the world see him that if he isn’t providing for me enough or another man has more to offer me I sleep with him even if I am married bcz this attitude of do this or I will do that give me this or I will get it from somewhere else, is a worldly attitude.

Kama umeamua ni ndoa mvumilie mwenzako. Otherwise you will find yourself in a deeper hole than what you thought you were escaping. There’s no justification for cheating. Including if your partner cheats on you it’s not the justification for you to join them if you can’t beat them. Na hii entitlement is the reason why HIV in Kenya is in married people not even prostitutes or homosexuals. Entitlement and lack of self control au uvumilivu.

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Since the short time I’ve been here, I have noticed, there is nothing positive you have ever posted concerning marriage. Out here there are many marriages that are working, there are many couples who are happily married, whereby both couples have a sense of love for each other and well being. But you will never post such. You know why? It’s very simple, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION!

The law of attraction simply states that your mind is like a powerful magnet, therefore whatever we consistly think of, we attract. That means, whatever we direct our powerful thoughts upon within the invisible realm of our minds, eventually those thoughts end up manifesting into outer form. “Energy precedes manifestation”

The reason why you post negative things about men and marriages is because your mind is filled with negative thoughts concerning the same. I can tell that you have a victim mindset, and whether this mindset came as a result of previous abuses I can never know. But what I can advise you is, such kind of mindset has lead many people to depression or anxiety disorders.

Energy flows where focus goes" your life is controlled by what you focus on or think of all the time.


You cannot change anything that’s so natural. You learn to deal with it.