Plantation ni tamu mkiwa in love like this couple


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Hii love ni one sided.Mumama ndio ana insist.Same way venye @TrumanCapote anashindanga tu ame ni post pale facebook kila siku just because of hii anaconda yenye nampeanga after amenilipa.


uzuri ya mumama kama huyu unamkula dry fry kila siku juu huyu ameshafika menopause na haezi pata ball.

She’s horny and he’s young and has a big dick. Perfect combo for about 20 years hadi ifike kugawa mali. Alafu ben ten ageukwe aambiwe hakuwa bwana, alikuwa side dick

She’s around 54 so in 11 years time will be 65. At that age I don’t think she will have any sex appeal

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I always don’t believe these social media love stories. When you see couples trying too hard to show they are in love, there’s a storm brewing underneath.
And also that woman is marking her territory showing the 20 year olds that’s her man. You don’t typically see young couples on social media like that.


Kambas have sex drive hadi siku ya maisho. The problem is the man will run out of steam

The foolish mbukusu is getting the shorter side of the stick. He is being bribed by food and upkeep to fuck up that washed out poosie.


Akuna horniness hapo. Usidanganywe na nguo tight kukuonyesha matako.

Akivaa heels anakusomea kama mtoto.

I don’t know how to explain to you. That woman is horny beyond measure. Her desire was good dick and she got good dick :blush:

Nah!!! She just got someone to help pay bills. Women are not built to make choices out of how horny they are. That’s a man’s way of thinking.

Not all women are kambas

Does he have a kid/kids?

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Yes she has 3 kids the agemates of her husband

You must be a homosexual

I have been married about ten years now and will tell you that Lovey Dovey shit they are showing is NOT REAL. After some time the relationship automatically shifts into partnership and not love. After two lids, bills, and other responsibilities, sex is no longer an urgent desire… :grinning:

There are times you are together and something happens…you both feel that desire and do it. It can be passionate at times, don’t get me wrong. But there is never a need to display it publicly. Instead, it’s just part of the entire relationship.


What I’m saying is that constant public display here is a fake effort to prove something.

But I must confess every time I sneaked out for something new the urge was back to my teenage days! :smiley:


@Nguyen234 So he doesn’t have biological kids