Plantation just got riskier. Court rules that you can now divorce if love does


Yeah no need of forcing things. What is wrong with that?

Hakuna landmark hapa. That has always been the case.
Githeri media is just looking for a sensational headline.

Kwani there was a restriction?

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Grounds for divorce used to be adultery, desertion and cruelty. This is a new addition

What if its not working, incomparability?

No-fault divorce tamalisa watu huku nje. Bora uhai

Love for me died even before we got married. Not yet married. Looking for the shortest route to Embobut

nothing new here… no new jurisprudential development made.

irretrievable breakdown of a marriage been a ground for divorce for some time now.

But which fool marries for love?

judicial activism

Then walete common law marriage and 50/50 split for property acquired during the marriage regardless of financial contribution
That’s how you all get shifted bila lube


i think the landmark part of it ni kutolewa kwa ile term ya three years

What is this thing called love? Can it be measured or quantified? To my mind it’s a fabrication that doesn’t exist

:D:D term ya three years ilitolewa kitambo pia. Hakuna kitu mpya hiyo koti imesema.