Plans for the weekend?

What you villagers doing this weekend?
I’m out tonight then have a wedding tomorrow at 12.

Your wedding?


Nah brother a friends. I couldn’t party too hard the night before my wedding.

So are attending a wedding not “having a wedding”.

“Have a wedding” is me using my british multilingualism. Over here “having” can be used as an expression to attend a wedding not necessary taking part in the wedding as a groom or bride.

This villager is confused

Which part of Kariobangi are you multilingaulising from ?
Hii ata Diane Abbott amekataa.

Niaje baby panya?

ulifanikiwa kuwapata malair githurai?



Fiti sana @coldpilsner

Anything to do with SEX AND RELATIONSHIP???
Wrong forum


He asked a question, but nah swali imekuwa topic. Hii kijiji ni gwaan

I agree with a Bruh. He is right.
@ThesOne Oh as for me sina any major concrete plans yet but what I do know for sure is that I will be mainly holed indoors packing away winter magunias and unpacking summer wear and also expecting some 2 wagenis tomorrow.
I will also be imbibing the devil’s sauce (red wine) tonight.