Planning, Management, Foresight Are Some Of The Things That Africans Lack

Mliachiwa functioning urban centers saa hii after 58 years you’ve turned them into slums full of vibandas. Even Karen and Muthaiga will not be spared.

[SIZE=7]1964, Kencom Area[/SIZE]

Government Institutions were looted to bankruptcy, their land dished out to cronies.

Omwafrika wasn’t ready for independence in the last century



As a person of alternative race, I am pretty uneasy you being on our side of the argument yet you black

Living in the wild feasting on wild fruits and roaming antelopes did a number on Africans.

how can a somali even comment about governance.

You mean a Kenyan?

unaongea kuhusu vibanda, the most annoying is dumping garbage everywhere…

But it’s not that we can’t manage, we are still at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs , unaambia mtu hajalipa rent about taking care of his environment ??? they don’t care.

Don’t you find it funny , that in the rich neighborhoods of Nairobi there are so many trees and in the poor neighborhoods its barren and with so much garbage ???
If the govt was to start a massive cleaning project of those areas , utaskia bonobo huko asking "tutakula usafi ?? "…

ndindu the bonobo speaks

Truth be told. NEGRO ako poa physically demanding tasks kama kubeba magunia ya 150KG ya viazi lakini sio mambo ya kutumia akili kupanga about 40 years to come.

Negro alipitwa na Agrilian, Industrial na saa hii atapitwa na AI revolition coz firmware ya akili yake iko calibarated na wild fruits as the Standard Units.

Kazi nikudiscuss stupid politics,epl na betting na kuenda nairobi…for most bonobos like now instead of coming together start a community project ghasia are busy discussing 2022 in 2021 na bbi

Genesis 9:25 - “And he said, Cursed be Canaan, a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren”

Bitter truth.

the most eyesore place is that place near Muthurwa , on Haile selasie avenue… outside kpc building … my zero grazing pen looks more habitable.

Watasema ni Self hate. But that is the truth. Negro wasn’t trained enough by 1963 to live and manage a modern city.

somalis cant even govern a toilet and here you are taking the high road

It’s a Wonder of wonders!

Even if they were trained for a thousand years, they will still not learn. Kazi ni kuzaana na kupatia sirikali hiyo mzigo.

Compare Kencom in 1964 na Kencom in 2021, not Dandora dumpster

Its not really about training, ni priorities… London looked worse in 1850s .
until people can afford some basic living, things like “being clean or living in a clean place don’t matter” don’t matter.

Hii ndio ukweli most people don’t want to hear, village wanasubiri tu MCA or some aspirant ati mkubwa anakuja weekend, while huge tract of lands lie idle…

siasa zimeharibu kenya. tunaona kama tutaenda mahali lazima tupelekwe na politicians. watu wanajua kila kitu kuhusu Baba, na hawajui kitu yyote kuhusu immediate environment yao.