Planning first trip in central america

Hi all,

I am at an early stage of planning my trip to central america which is due to last 3 weeks next march.
My main interests are scuba diving, visit ruins and wildlife & nature.

The idea is to visit mexico, belize, guatemala and maybe cuba in 3 weeks time although I am aware it may be not possible to squeeze everything in just three weeks. If not possible, please let me know which places I should drop from the list below.

I would like to have some insight from people that have already…

@kiLo- njoo hapa

Try visiting Santa fe ranch, its owned by our very own @Wakanyama and @wong respectively. When you find the place accommodation will be free; don’t forget to carry a Kunyi-blocker…just in case

Just concentrate. concentrate dude!! Cuban chicks are dope! hii mambo ya ruins iko ata kenya. currently we have a new valley called Kikuyu valley

Try MexTalk.

Kama sio bermuda, Bahamas, Belize enda malta, Sardinia ama ibiza.


Luther meffi, hujui kuattach?:D:D

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Add the following to the list: Costa Rica - Caribbean coast is just grand awesome while the capital San Jose is soooooo full of life; a melting of people from the entire region…Colombia etc…
Panama city in Panama also has an amazing nightlife…it is a cty that never sleeps
As for Guatemala, lots of insecurity in the capital but a visit to the old capital of Antigua is one of the best things you could ever do!

Si naona ii nyang’au inaitwa @barthe ni kama pink ivi ivi

@kiLo- give out some tips bro


thanks,bro !
have a nice day !

Really appreciate your advice, I’ll record it on the trip.

I had to pull a @Gio
Hali ya kazi.
I will be back in a few days and give tips for traveling to Latin Americas