Plagiarism Test

I have goodled Turitin, tried to create a profile imekataa. Nimeweka grammatically pia iko na limit ya 2000. Someone help with a site that I can load a thesis and and get the results in form of PDF. Saidia uncle best kitunguu angalau inuke hii weekend.

Hata kama ni login credentials za pseudo account nilogin so the thesis and get out nitashukuru.

Sande sana

I’d advise against using the free ones. They normally have a clause in their terms of service which gives them the right to reuse your content. They say it’s to provide “examples” for their paying users (they provide “writing tips” for them). Utapata sasa kazi yako ndio itakuwa plagiarised.

Kama umefuata rules jiamini tu. If in doubt, maybe talk to your lecturer to check for you kwa Turnitin na the school account.

Leta inbox nikuwekee lakini usizoee.

Haha ju mazoea huleta zarau…blessed sunday ahead!

I need to check my work (full document) before i have supervisor check it. Any leads @upepo? Someone give me ideas since most in the internet dont run a plagiarism but grammar check.

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