Plagiarism at its best

I mean what’s the major difference between these flags? Why did these guys decide to suspend their reasoning and copy Kenyan flag
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Combination ya walalo flag na ya kenya…

meffi thread

ireland vs cote d ivore

chad & romania

senegal vs mali

Odm versus odm Kenya

After nine years ndio umerealize ama? FYI The flag was designed in the 90’s as a freedom banner,it may resemble the kenyan flag but symbolism is different just like these flags…not plagiarism[ATTACH=full]335649[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]335658[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]335659[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]335660[/ATTACH]

Sony Vs SQNY

Ze bluetooth device has connected succezfully

Shesha shini mdau.



Union Jack influence is very visible.

The Kenyan flag resembles the UNIA flag which was designed my Marcus Mosiah Garvey himself.

But somebody had to sneak in the white lines to separate black from green and red

Allow me to plagiarize: In most cases that flags are similar you see that these countries are very closely related either historically, culturally or ethnically. Usually they are descended from the same people group. Other times it because of shared definition of common symbols or colors.

Because of the role played by Kenya in the peace process, which eventually led to cessation of South Sudan

Za west African countries ndizo huwa ziko almost alike

Made in China

And remember we were buying weapons disguised as ours but destined for spla. The mv faina debacle.

Yes, yes