Place values kapiga Sonko chenga

Dont we just love our governor… From thousands straight to billions or is it from billions straight to thousands. Apana tambua peasant million minions

Masomo sio gunia yenye mdomo mmoja na shimo haziishi! Igathe hangevumilia vicheko:D:D:D:D:D

Na osungu pia imempiga chobo, ati swept to the central bank revenue account., yaani tukaifagilia huko


and he is expected to keep track of that :D:D:D its a good time kuwa financial wing ya nairobi county

last paragraph akuna hata comma… and that 850 Mill must be 850k

That’s a typo kama ile kompyuta error ya Uhuru

850k salary to 13,000 people? improbable, 850m is about right

yaani you collect 1630000000 and use 850000000 to pay salaries alone? This wage bill is really weighing us down as a country.

People literary camp outside governors offices wakisema wapewe kazi.

Direct translation from sheng.

Basically goes against the principle of taxation ‘Administrative efficiency :Do not spend more than you collect’. Don’t forget to factor in the millions that will just evaporate from thin air.

But remember leadership ( not the class one that focuses on mgt specific to organizations) and street smarts are not taught in any classroom and one can’t be homeschooled in them. If Sonko just focuses on 3 or 4 key issues in his term he will have outdone the former literate thug called Kidero.