PK on citizen

Sweeps left right and centre. Jiggered mind, pathological liar.

Amepiga igathe a lot of sweeps.
Well he has an advantage in that now that he is independent, he does not subscribe to any parties’ ideologies.

Igathe ameachiwa running mate adeal nayeye. Hehehe

Anne kiguta ameivaa!

Vote Splitter. Clever move. He knows he has no chance. Jubilee should have paid him off. And then he will challenge Ruto in 2022 irregardless of the outcome. Really just setting himself up for the Ultimate.

wacha kutumia hili neno. it is regardless

Sawa boss.
adjective & adverb

Kama anasema alifanya kazi mzuri huko gatanga so arudi tu huko aendelee

PK is like that boxer who is all hype before the match as Tyson concentrates on training. On 8/8 he will lose so badly that he will retire from politics again. Only this time it will be permanent and no one will come to spend money and time to revive him again. Social media supporters are not verified or actual voters. I thought this lesson should have been clear after 2013. The national, Nairobi, RV and Central elections don’t bother me that will be won by a clear majority. I’m looking keenly at coast, Western, Kisii and Maa counties.

I wonder where he gets this sense of entitlement from.
What has he ever done for Nairobians to imagine he can just barge his way in and demand to be voted in as Governor?
He is behaving like a petulant child.

Labda someone told him that he is the designated President or Running mate after Uhuru and it stuck.

true. he was answering questions with a condescending attitude. and even sneered at some. unashindwa entitlement hii yote jamani…aii

Well, if Phandom could just barge in in 2013 and demand to be PORK, why should PK not give it a shot?

Don’t know who puts that nonsense into their heads.