Pizza @Purdy Arms


They tried…

yep but isn’t all that

Hii ndio food for thought ama?:wink:

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Don’t know why people eat that thing. . .

Why do you say that?

niliskia pizza ziukua round

I can’t stand it and no one so far has explained to me why there is so much excitement about it.

Purdy arms ni wapi

Because it is not local na unajua vile watu kutafuta swag

it’s like eating a sheet of manilla. hehe.

They taste like cardboard.

sasa hii ni chakula ya kushiba?!?
waste of money na utakunia tu ukifika home

mmmh i luv pizza . bt i wuld like the middle part on tht one

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If you play around with the toppings c and they work well then that’s where the fun is.I prefer to make my own so I can experiment with different toppings.

Hehehehe kwani ukila chakula kingine hutakunia?


haha nyama ya girrafe :smiley: huwes sh*t

No no no its close to eating vomit with apologies to pizza lovers.

Pizzas are the best

Ati vomit:eek::eek:. LOL, I don’t blame you…