After hacking my account the tribalist cia goon said to me

now his crying fowl?

hehehe! typical KGB tricks by WANJIRU!!!

Matina you HAVE to relax.

If i say relax, you relax.

Over too you.

Patty huchoki kujiongelesha?

Yenyewe if there is a typical case study of a mad talker, @patco aka @Sidindi Bey aka @B U D E S K O is a perfect specimen. When you die your brain should be donated to a medical college.


HI to you. am not wanjiru.am a octogenerian living in the beautiful kiambu county.

Matina is a dangerous spy who we must block and ignore.

i can never talk mean like Kimemia!! have you sean the mean things Kimemia said to me!?
am suspecting Wanjiru to be a deadly goon. his CIA. dont you see his posts about America only all the time?

now Matina wants to play the victim after his thread got deleted?? And hacking my account making things slow? thats how undercover agent operate!

but you must also be spies sent by Matina trying to distract me?

@Sidindi Bey Matina tell your spies to leave me alone !!

I don’t know why Admin leave these accounts registered. The IP addresses should be banned.

@Budesko might not be @patco , but likely a copy cat with a multi personality disorder

I think @Budesko ni @Tauren…has paranoid delusion