Pipos Prisdent Ready To Die a Log



Why would anybody dialogue with people who call you illegitimate murderers, despots, computer-generated leaders?

More importantly, what is NASA and what about NRM?

I can bet he was speaking atop furniture at a funeral

He he he!
You’re not a genius for deducing that “fact”!

Simba akiishiwa hula nyasi…

Bado kuna story za dialogue? Ebu anede state house yake aanze kupanga budget ya the peoples government.

Nyani alisuda , ako kwa matope kufa lazima !

Cut the man some slack, he needs a new toilet, with a carpet of course.

What crisis?

While they are whinnying, remember this photo from Kakamega yesterday.

Are these Western titans dancing to the infectious strains of ‘Vindu Vichenjanga’?

The changing political landscape. DP Uncle Ruto at work. When interests align, they come together naturally. Can you picture wets, madvd, watermelon in the centre? No.

Eugene is that huge?

Yep, but he’s what we can call a gentle giant.