Nimehamia huku leo


Peasant detected.

Do these flats got escalators .Tuseme umesahau na simu the 8flr.

Hii tushaona.


Iyo nyumba lazma lights iwe on mchana

My friend there’s no flat with escalators in this world! Elevator yes, ungesema tu lift yaishe. And to your question, not a single flat in pipeline has anything close to a lift/elevator. As a matter of fact no one obeys that lift rule anymore. I stand corrected though.

Enda aston villa ukapigie mwili pole

niulize what are those whitish/semi transparent things they are covering the clothes with for.

protecting one’s laundry from the wash water from the clothes on upper floors. otherwise the lower ones will never dry coz there’s new washing upstairs everyday…and the sun reaches them for only a few hours at midday…

Talk of being creative to adopt to the situation

makes sense only when the sun is overhead - so I assume that cover is ‘nylonish’ to prevent the water getting in, but that should also delay the clothes from drying quickly since it restricts circulation - anyway just found that new, have not seen that before.

unaweza sema zinakaushwa na updraughts…

better than zilikuwa karibu kukauka jana jioni then ukiamuka ni wet tena juu neighbours wa juu walirauka kuanika wet zikamwagia maji…there must be stiff compe for the limited drying space …

Yeah. Constant quarrels about “nani alichukua pegs zangu or nani ameanika kwa kamba yangu.”

How is this explicit

Naskia rent hupanda na floors.

Speaking like a veteran! Thank you, bro!

Hizi plot za pipe zinakaa ni za umama tu. Before ufike kwa nyumba ya kunguru, mama shiroo akiwa fourth floor anajua kuna mgeni kwa plot.