Pinning of Threads: The Little Minds Way

Nobody ever wrote a book on why and when should a thread be pinned. Nobody has taught no one how to think. Therefore, my scholarly background cannot help me help you here.
Basing my thinking on rational human thinking, the reason why a thread is pinned is that it is of great importance, and it is likely to draw more views and replies.
So in his wisdom, or lack of it, the ‘MOD of the year’ pinned this thread :


After 24hrs it has generated 44 replies and 500 views
pinned threads easily do 200 replies and 4000 views

This clearly shows how the thread is of no consequence to the honorable villagers

It is an ego rubbing endeavor that has fallen flat

I know it is, i have seen a similar scenario with cheki maneno

I therefore request eating of the humble pie, and unpinning of the thread if not pulling it down

Moral of the story: if you are not important, nothing you say is of importance


That’s a good observation Sir. Could this be justified by the fact that it is the most replied thread on that category and has 10 times as many views as majority of threads on that section?


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I found myself looking for a way of unpinning the shit from my view…


Talk of shoving one’s passion into everyone’s throat …On behalf of Mirfat and I, we love fencing tehehe

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Aliban @Tasha bila hatia

Naona MOD @Deorro anaendelea tu ku.gather ma titles and the year is still young, thats a good sign.
ION ndugu Bingwa wacha kusumbuana, hata sisi tuko na multi handles na tumetulia.