pinning a karao girl down

While people were discussing kukuliana bibi, i remembered many years ago how i chewed a karao lady.
I finished resolving a petty traffic offence at the station, and they chewed my money. Then the female karao came to bring the news that am now free to go. She was in plain clothes at the moment, fine looking young milf. In a polite warm rejoinder, nikamuuliza “sasa kesi yangu tumemaliza, kabisa?” akasema ndio. I just played a bad boy and told her in a low tone… eyes straight into her’s … “sasa kesi ingine nataka ni yako…” she was like “what do you mean?” I paused and asked her, “I am no longer a criminal, my sins are forgiven, but will I be arrested for borrowing your number now that we are talking like civilians?”. She went silent, akaniangalia… akatingisa kichwa akaniambia “you are one mad man”. But I could see her countenance brightening all the same. I said nothing. she pulled out her phone and asked for my number, she dialled it, I got hers. and then asked “what are you going to do with the number?” I paused, and in a low polite demeanour, answered “…arrange dowery payment” gently walked to my car, looked back and our eyes met before I drove off. Fast forward, a few random calls now and then to check on her. A nyama choma date a month later and did not mince my intentions - like a typical hyena will never do. She warned me she will shoot me if I dare touch her coochie, but with women you go for her actions not her words. next date a few months later, I picked her at a certain point (pre-agreed) and the first thing i went for was a kiss in the car. which was well reciprocated and the rest that afternoon is what we say … history… I had to fake job relocation to avoid being a repeat smasher when I knew ni mali ya OCPD

:D:Dnajua wanaume tunakuanga risk takers but Mali ya OCPD is a whole new benchmark

Kukatia polisi is exciting but at the back of my mind I know station yote imefyeka, am late to the party. Nimewahi salimia madam flani kwa roadblock somewhere after Salama sijui jina, she told me to look for her on the way back. True to her word she was there on Friday evening. Nilikuja na mali hadi Athi River. No numbers exchanged no real names. Not the tightest p, but worth the thrill.

Gangster points

Mimi izo kukatiana techniques imenithrow off. Tjey are toddler lines

and to think I am careless risk taker, askari na wakamba wa kangundo road is where I draw the line…

Risk is what attracts men like a magnet - the more risker, the more a man will pursue

True man…the thought of me climbing my neighbor wife when he’s at work is so good nashindwa ata kuhema when I’m thinking about it…

Milf unafaa kumanga 3 days flat after exchanging numbers. Umeangusha battalion.

3cops and a soldier. One recent one amepewa transfer and I feel like freedom is coming tomorrow.

A kamba and her pussy:cool:

Leta mbisha nilete bei

Banae. Nimecringe sana, tf?

Wako na shida gani

Hiyo station imekanyaga yote. Your late to the party. But wewe naona you are attracted to the thrill of fucking the cop and not the pussy itself… Almost 99% of men give them a wide berth, can’t touch them with a 10ft pole You’ll be shocked that they are some of easiest to fuck coz wanaogopwa na wengi sana. Shida ni being in a nasty love triangle with people who are listened to kill.