Pink Handles kujeni hapa kiasi and come with earphones

I finally found Mollis or his bro. The action starts at the 11 second mark and gets really loud at 17 seconds.
My question is, huyu neighbour wangu anafanya kazi ama ni ego tu anajengwa? :D:D:D

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sijasikia kitu explicit hapa

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Huyo dem kwani anafanyiwa rectal exam na ile drill ya borehole?

Mjama anachezewa kama mtoto ndio atoe pesa.

Lets not sprinkle sugar on this bullshit and call it candy. I dont think those moans are genuine…my two cents. The girl just wants to boost his ego, maybe ndio aongeze pesa ama amfanyie more favors


:rolleyes:There are times someone gives you stick mpaka unafeel ung’oe nywele juu huna place ya kukimbia ama kujishikilia

If you say so. It seems you are speaking from a point of knowledge so I cant argue because I am not a woman.

Best believe…

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umeffii siwes click

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Number one. Mwenye recording kwani anaishi kwa nyumba za mabati? If not
Number two. Huyo msichana aitiwe watu wa NEMA for noise pollution.

Conclusion: Upus!


She said dryspellingly.


Exactly my sentiments. Doesn’t seem genuine. Huyu ni jamaa anarecord pornhub anakuja kutuletea ujinga ya neighbour etc.


Hehehe… Pornhub? Really? Turn up the volume Mr. Sound expert.

Concrete is not as sound proof as you’d think. This is why the master bedroom is not usually alongside the other bedroom but on the opposite side.

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Random guy, I’m guessing you never lived in a hostel. This is what some of us had to contend with while trying to study.

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I lived in a hostel for two years. Girls moan when having sex. This is not moaning, this is screaming and appears exaggerated

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Hehehe, Well i’m not a female so I don’t know much about moaning/screaming. I’m just saying there were plenty of screamers in our hostels back in undergrad. The kind of screaming where niggas would have to go and bang on the door and tell them to keep it down. So this really isn’t new. As to whether screaming indicates real pleasure, no info.

You dont have to be a girl to know how girls moan…unless you are a priest, you should have a pretty good idea by now because you witness it when screwing.