Did Baba quote Abram Lingon in his speach?..anyhu yaliyondwele hayo…but the thing is Baba amechesa chini because of why???

Mutajua Hamujui as too many questions linger about the change of tune by Tinga from “PEOPLES PRESIDENT” , “RESIST” to MY BROTHER Ohuru, UNAITUS and CHANGE.

Unless the interest is genuinely for the Kenyans It’s just but a good PR move for the image of the kandry Kenya.Tunajua Politics issa game …we wait and see who will remain and slam The final Card…The MADVD,WETA &KAMELONZO BATTALION shud be scratching themselves hard as this doesn’t seem to be swinging their way

Tides are changing and political gears are shifting… walala hoi ndo kuendelea Kulala hoi and Hoping that William son of Samoei is swafe in this charade.

Jakuom talking of “uniting kenyans” with Ohuru is just neither here nor there.