Pimps, Simps, and Tricks

A recurring slogan perpetuated by you brokies is “Bei ni 150”. I think @cortedivoire is the loser responsible for coining that pathetic phrase.

Look, I get it. The objective is to get in between a chick’s thighs by investing the bare minimum. But you peasants took it a bit too literally.

Personally, I possess the charm, charisma, and seduction of a Greek god. Thanks to my slick tongue, I can lay the most attractive women, with little to no effort, and most importantly, little investment. In other words, the pimp.

@MTINGIZA_KITANDA boasts about cold-approaching college chicks on Instagram, which I find cringe since the bastard is in his late forties. The wanker ends up paying their rent and financing their lifestyle, hoping the chicks will remain exclusive to him, only for them to cheat on him by joining dating sites under his nose. In other words, the simp.

On the contrary, peasant @minomolokanyunjakoko has zero game and nil charisma – so the wanker is forced to visit dingy downtown brothels and haggle the price with smelly luthuli momos. In the end, he shoves his phallus where all sorts of downtown riff raffs deposited their semen minutes prior. In other words, the trick.

Class dismissed.


@administrator @Electronics4u did you ban my account (tauren) so you could give the handle to some other idiot?


Also, I thought I’d blocked this impersonator so why am I still seeing these posts. Huyu lazima ni @Mrs_Chantel aka @MIGUNA

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Don’t contaminate my thread with your peasant shenanigans.

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Nimalizie hio mbwa minomoloKAUMBWAkoko


Monologue detected :green_emoji:

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Nishawapatia genuine price list ya malanye

Kumbe wewe ndio unatingizwa na phallus za Mmomonyoko kunyonji koko??

What’s the exact question here dimwit?

I’m just wondering kwanini phallus ya Mmomonyoko kunyonji koko inakutingisha

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