Pimping the peugeot 504

mekanika wooote, @introvert, and other interested parties. I understand that older cars had a bonnet space enough for a 20 litre can of radiator water backup and backup engine. just out of curiosity…is it possible to fit a v8 engine to a Peugeot 504? and if yes, would the lion’s stability be fine? Was discussing with a pal about a super classic body (504) being paired with a super power house (v8).

With an excellent mech anything is possible hii inaeza kuwa beast…

Its been done, apparently…




Kama ni zile za akina landcruiser itaharibu gari. Even if you can fit it will break the car. Utashindanga repair. The kind of torque and power delivery.

Wicked. There is just something sinister about a 504. It is a good project car. Simba ya barabara.

That sound:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

If i may ask also…504 watu husema juu ni mzee utaona shida kumaintain. If u change the engine and transmission to modern will u have a better time living with it?

And a back up engine:D:D:D:D:D. You must have spend hours kwa ile base yetu ya muguks…;):wink: