PIMP Game: A Lesson From DJ CK

The market has no emotions. Everybody is trying to get your money out of your pockets. You are also doing the same and if you didn’t know, you better start living as someone who knows. A wise buyer will always have a price limit set before even asking the price from the seller. So, what’s the point?

Apparently DJ CK takes chicks to a resort and they don’t give him the goods and he bails out on them. This is a PIMP move but to a SIMP, this is being an asshole. Ladies dig assholes, not because they are sweet but because they are wise buyers.

This is what those laydees tried to do on Chris, they already have what they wanted i.e. taken out to a resort by a rich billionaire, wined & dined and done took pics to show off on social media later, in other words, they have already had their lit weekend. But greed knows no bounds, they want more and that’s why they won’t give the pussy. They want to let him know that they are not like those other girls i.e. he has to give more for them to comply. This is a trick pulled on many fools by women. Soon the fool is committing to a long-term relationship and shit. The women in this case were the bigger fools: they reject a billionaire’s dick for greed yet they have been fucked by men who WILL NEVER MAKE IT TO THAT LEVEL even if they were born in the United States for twelve lifetimes over.

CK was an investor and understood all markets well. The credo is “Never buy cheap goods at an inflated price just because of an artificial shortage.” And so he left after knowing he was being short-changed but in hindsight he had ‘paid’ with a bouncing cheque.

This is it boys: kama nime-buy mzinga gawa kuma, kama unataka kitu ingine basi tafuta fala AKA. Bwana.


Kirubi gave Teresia Wairimu millions of shillings to organise prayers rallies across the country.

Cute Boys Association hawanaga hizi mashida

Smart move, they exploited the stupid as they should.

He definitely wasn’t after her p.ussy…

He was a simp, alikuwa anakasirikia wasichana wadogo wakimkula pesa na kumnyima sehemu telezi. There is nothing to learn from kirubi. Assets zake zile kubwa zilikuwa mashamba, kuna watu wengi Eldoret walikufa wakaacha mashamba kubwa kuliko za kirubi. We don’t call them Investors.

After watching Tinder Swindler I’m convinced those women fell for his good looks more than his perceived wealth. Simon Leviev continues to be lucky mainly because of his looks. They sent him their life savings because ‘he’s so cute.’ Women are quite silly actually. 5 months in jail? Try doing what he did when you have a sura persono.

Ugly men like DJ CK ndio hupangwo na kupewa basic minimums, so he had to smarten up early in life by becoming ruthless

This reply of yours, how is it related to Racheal Ruto and the millions Kirubi gave her…
as per your insinuation that he always gave women money in exchange for p.ussy?

hizi vitu tunakula free

DJ CK had zero game beyond endless money. And yes, he was an arsehole. Also according to some, he was a Pedo.

I’m taking this one to the bank

Nope, it was combination of wealth,attention &Good looks. Nigga basically sold them a fairy tale. One of the women talked-about it.
Looks can get you shit in this day and age otherwise some us will be balling out of control.

Kirubi will always be meffi to my eyes. He never cared for the boy child.

Hata hizo mbesha zilikuwa za wakenya…:smiley: Sionangi utajiri ya huyo mwenda zake…

Combine all these and its like a free pass.