Piki piki ya stima

Hizi si ni zile piki za stima Jambasi ali launch, yaani ni ku rambwa, left, right & centre.

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I don’t think we have reached a stage where we can say that electric bikes and EV cars can now be used in the country.

Told y’all that this garbage will not work here.

Battery technology, or rather, chemistry, is still at the levels of when batteries were first invented. Chemicals have to react to produce a charge of electricity. This is a process that takes time. The opposite (charging the battery) is also true. This is the first level of inefficiency.

Electricity is secondary energy, unlike, say, diesel. It also has to be converted/transformed (AC to DC) to to make it usable. 2nd level of inefficiency.

The faster it is drawn, the hotter the transmission medium becomes, the more resistance is created to its transmission and this creates a positive feedback loop. 3rd level of inefficiency.

The above charateristics make electricity the worst idea for transport, which needs a fast, efficient and constantly available source of energy, of which oil has been doing quite well, despite the ‘dirty, polluting, climate change’ propaganda. Modern engines produce only CO2 and water at the tail pipes and are a mature technology.

Sasa nangoja nisikie zile bus za stima kama bado ziko ama zimewekwa yard.

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