Piki Piki Ponki T Shirts Already Out.

People capitalize every opportunity. So will this lawyer trademark those words?

That’s a nursery rhyme my fren.

I know that.

The context here is It’s use in the Supreme court


Original application to petition was in village…


Hii pinki ponki ya SC ni Gani? Rink?

The things that make Kenya great. I wonder what the kid song really says.

jaluo jingli alisahau ako kortini akaanza kuongea kijaluo

:D:D:D Ujaruo ni gharama. Jjjjjj

Donkey died baba cried, piki piki ponky

Father had a donkey


Its "Inky pinky ponky " jiiiisaas krest…oh wait its bonobo land,i’ll let it pass