Pigeon rearing

Keeping some pigeons as a hobby nyuma ya keja has always been my interest shida ni procrastination .Who has experience in keeping them?[ATTACH=full]285400[/ATTACH]

How far msito thiem on the ten thousand tree climbing challenge?

Uliza bibi yako @MBOMB

These guys have the best meat especially if you roast them by fire only

A young iron mike used to do that to.

All the best

Mike Tyson? Ama Reuben ndolo

Simtambui huyo ghasia ndolo amefakap our boxing scene mbaya. Namtambua kameta pekee.

Just be real careful with hygiene and how you handle their feces. There’s a nasty fungus which grows predominantly on old pigeon’s feces known as Cryptococcus spp. Immune-compromised individuals are at high risk of acquiring cryptococcal meningitis which can be fatal.

These things should be classified as pests. I have some wild ones that live on my roof. The noise when they are making is fearsome.

Ukiiona notorious goat f*cker ameweka thread ya “Pigeon Rearing” the first thing you think of is poor pigeons’ a$$

@Thiem ni muchinga sana

Bloody disgusting. Like eating sky rats.

Warabu like to rear pigeons. tafuta moja ulize

Kufa na Pirona yako

Kameta ni umbwa ghasia akwendee. Infact si yeye Yuko.

Fuga kunguru ukuwe instant #mbirrionaire.

Am already a birionea… I just want mind relaxing hobby ma jioni hivi

Go for it, as a beginner go for the young ones. They tend to get used to the new environment very fast. Maji ya kunywa na kuogelea muhimu Sana. It’s a nice hobby. you will enjoy the cooing sound.

Liwe liwalo next month am doing
Will update this thread

Ala, dushi inaleta hiyo yote?