After an exhausting week there is nothing better of taking the weekend off outside with your friends. The ideal would be to have bonfire and drink couple of beers making joke with your friends, but when you are in Nature most of us do not consider the other residents, the animals.

A group of friends went of camping in Australia at a campground in Port Hedland. They had their fun, but did not collect the beer cans before going to bed. It has never occurred to them that they will have a pig visitor that will drink up all their beer.

One of the campers heard the noise and the fuss the pig was making, so he got up with torches to check out what is going on outside. The image was, a pig drinking up the last of their beer, and starting to act funny as of a drunken person with bad manners. It even felt brave enough to pick on a nearby cow. Naturally, it felt hungry after so many cans of beer and went to the garbage bins to find some late-night snack. After all that rooting around the garbage bins and snacking the pig took a dip in the river and then passed out for a snooze under a nearby tree.

This naughty little piggy had its own night off. But, it was not one night, witnesses reported that it showed up several nights in a row trying to find something for drinking or eating, making chaos in its pigging out.

The Australians nicknamed this piggy as “Swino”, but its pigging out did not last for long as due to its uncontrollable manners it had been found dead.

A roadwork employee, Fionna Findley, reported that “Swino” died in a collision with a vehicle, not far from the campsite. Findley said that it is most likely that the pig was “Swino” as it had its unusual ear markings. A bad ending for “Swino”, resembling a human person in its “pigging out”, so after all we are not that much different.


It also got drunk horny and engaged in a drunken orgy with a dog.

I first read this story in 1997