Pig Skins vs Negros

Leo umeamua kuambi hizi nugu UKWELI. Blunt truth as Prof. @Ndindu has always spat.

Blecks can ONLY function under STRICT OVERSIGHT

Slavery has 1 Physical and 2 Mental states

Being imprisoned or put in shackles is physical.
Being Brainwashed or letting others do your thinking for You is Mental.

Colonialism is the best method of enforcing all these states.

But Colonialism has a cure
The Unity of Vision , Purpose and Goals

All communities on this planet have at one time or another been enslaved or subjugated by others

And the only thing that redeemed them was the collective unity of Vision , Purpose and Goals.

What currently ails Africa is: -

  • illiteracy
  • poverty
  • piss poor leadership

And the first two fuel the third:blush:

Homelessness in the US is largely attributed to mental health. I know this because I worked in the system. There’s different systems to address economic poverty. A lot of those homeless people will not take a job if you offer them, or will not maintain it if they get one. They have a underlying mental issue, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia……to extreme levels.

White people do indeed have a brotherhood. I have addressed it here on ktalk but it usually flies through most heads. I have always said, a white, Asian or a Indian person will never go without a job, where as a black man will sleep hungry, even when his friend knows they have a job opportunity in his company.

I had a white friend on the job once called Peter. The guy used to be a maintenance guy, fixing things around the job. One day we were called for a meeting, the CEO was visiting from headquarters. After a brief meeting, we all just chitchatting, I’m standing next to Peter. Our company was mixed Black and Hispanic, and 20% white. The CEO took a beeline straight to Peter, said hi to both of us, and starts chatting Peter. Family matters, are they taking care of him ata the job, his education……If Peter said he didn’t like it there, that CEO would have given him a another job on the spot.

While making this observation, did you consider their economy hierachy…Mbona hio system yao (led by oligarchy) hawatambui the increasing homelessness, poverty or mental health issues zinamaliza hizi junguu kama ghasia. Zinalia pale Reddit daily.

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google serfdom.

Not to mention depression. Even with all that stolen wealth those guys will never truly be happy kama Sisi with the little we got. Read somewhere that Prozac is the most common prescription drug huko mayolo. Look at their divorce rate, childlessness, abortion, gender madness etc ati those are now successful people worth emulating… niggah please

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Were you deported from mayolo?



Why would you wish me pole, for being at home?

For the process of being deported.

Home is best. :+1:

So hiyo ni kupandishwa ndege while in you’re McDonald’s work clothes. 12 hour flight si kitu.

Ulipatwa kwa brothel in a state where soliciting for sex is illegal. Ulipeleka ktalk mentality ya “wangapi 150” majuu after learning from your mentors @cortedivoire and @Kodiaga.

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kukosa chance ya kupack your few earthly belongings jeh?.. access ya bank bado hukuwa ama wanafinya?

It’s amazing how shallow the observations of diasporans are of their host countries success. The America you see today is one that has gone through many different stages of metamorphosis through the ages. You have to properly examine the history of both America and Europe to understand their success. After all, America was built by disgruntled Englishmen who wanted to move away from monarchy

Nguo niliita Mse wangu akani letea. Bank account bado atm card ufanya. Nilichukua lease pale kirinyaga rd na bizna.

Hahaha, yaani ni kama ulikuwa radar, unaeza chotwa anytime ama ulitaka free ticket ya kutoka huko?.. kuna wasee naskia qatar hufanya hivo wakichoka na huko…

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