pig farming bizz

wadau let me know your good ,bad and ugly about this bizz have tried maize,beans,potatoes and wheat and failed badly brokers are the king’s there…can a contract with multi choice help…ir give any other agei bizz ideas…saidia a brother…

Avoid Multi choice they will not help you in pig farming…
Maybe you could try Farmers choice.
But when all is said and done, --:arrow_forward:pig have the highest feed conversion rate after broilers.
:arrow_forward:A sow can give you between 8 -16 piglets per farrowing
:arrow_forward:A sow farrows at twice a year
:arrow_forward:A pig is ready for market (60kg) at 6-8 months.
:arrow_forward:Dressed weight % age is higher than beef, poultry etc. ranging ftom 65-80%
:arrow_forward:…Ongezea hizo zingine.

Kama si Farmers choice market ya huku nje itamalisa wewe

You have failed in 5 different ventures and you are looking to pour more money in a capital intensive one:(:(murume, slow down and re-evaluate

ukitolewa suruari mkubwa lazima urudishe juu or else you stand to loose…

Hamna huruma, ati mliambia jamaa wa farming in Narok aende tu SJ asherehekee hizo pesa.

Write your reply…ati malti choice…

multi choice walianza biashara ya nguruwe lini?

:D:D:D talkers will always find something to crack my ribs,eti multi choice,