Pictures of the Day: MAKS Air Show 2017

The last two pictures portray the most lethal weapons we have. Drones.

russian Knights na their sukhoi never dissapoint

man good, but I would have really liked it you gave all the specs of the crafts and also origin and time of service, that would be educative

That Mi 26 helicopter has rotors so powerful that it sends rocks flying when it’s taking off. It makes the chinook look like a toy

Kenya tutawai fika hapo…Aircraft from the Sukhoi family are just impressive.

Mimi naomba tu KDF acquire these Russian choppers. Rugged, flying tanks (armoured) easy to maintain, equip and operate. They are also cheaper but lethal.

Mil Mi-172a2 modern version of this proven transports attack helicopter.
National Police Service acquired these new chopper recently. More on order. While KDF have a few but a lot more needed.

Mil Mi-28 Havoc. Attack helicopter, day/night and harsh weather usage. Very lethal in the battlefield.


Our soon to arrive air tractor at-802 and Md 530F light attack will do us just fine. [ATTACH=full]113713[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]113712[/ATTACH]