Pictures of the Day: Hyperloop in Dubai

While we are wasting time in useless politicking


huko watu walishafika

is this wakanda?

Boss wacha tucheze ligi yetu…kucompare Dubai na inchi iko Africa ni bingu na inchi…

Boss, let them make the infrastructure then tuwaamini…

There is a huge of flurry of developments on the next mode of transport from the hyperloop, unmanned vehicles, electric powered vehicles, unmanned drones… to replace the motor vehicles and trains that are in use today. This might result in countries adopting different models which in itself might be a good a thing as competition fosters innovation and brings down costs. Governments have sunk huge investments developing road and rail networks and the most probable winners will come from those that offer the practical solutions.

looks awesome…it must be very expensive. na vle tunaenjoi na sgr uku,kuna wasee wako ligi ingne


Africa is ripe to pick up this tech since almost every country is eager to put up mega infrastructure projects and airlines have failed to provide adequate intra-africa connections.

[SIZE=1]There’s a local tribesman somewhere who wants to sample Nigerian chicken[/SIZE]