Pictures of the Day: Earthquake in Taiwan

A residential building leans on a collapsed first floor following an earthquake in Hualien

waaaa wasee wa nduthi wameona moshi

hii sa ndo building imeundwa poa

mpanga inaanguka na adabu, watu wapate time ya ku evacuated

ingekua kenya???

watu wangekua wanasomea hii thread wakiwa kwa orbituaries kama JW

kipara ngoto man karibia uone nduthi zimekanyangwa na nyumba

excavator za NYS zingekua zinaokota mchanga building inageuka vumbi

Upussu. Kenya aint an earthquake prone area. Why should engineers design for earthquakes?

Hata bila earthquakes, flats zinaporomoka tu zenyewe. What does that tell you about the structural quality?

Znaporomoka but that not to say we dont have structurally sound buildings around.

We have but very few - majority are structurally unsound.

All of Kenya except North Eastern and parts of Coast Province are Earthquake.
The entire floor of the Rift Valley is severely prone to them.If the 1965 Sunukia earthquake happened today,many buildings in Nakuru and Nairobi would collapse.Eldoret,due to its closeness to the Rift would have that KVDA building collapse
Nyanza is earthquake prone as well as there are two faultlines along the Winam Gulf.Homa Bay and Kendu Bay are at the epicentre.The earthquake of 1968 severly affected the towns but back then,there was barely anything.
Mombasa is not in an earthquake zone but tremors can damage buildings there.This was illustrated in 2007 when Ol Donyo Lengai erupted and somehow being on Bima Tower one could feel it.That shows a minor earthquake of 5.5 to 6 can cause major damage in Mombasa due to poor quality construction.
Nairobi is in an earthquake zone,but the severity of destruction would differ.
The quality of construction and because many houses are on firm volcanic rock means that the wealthy surburbs would be spared. In fact any 3 storey house built in the 70s and 80s would not be affected at all.
Eastlands on the other hand, black cotton soil undergoes soil liquefaction. Meaning that even quality houses will experince some damage. Estates like Pipeline which are on black cotton soil and were built shoddily would experience over 90% destruction.If not 100%.

Watu wa flat earth wako wapi watuambie how an earthquake would form if the earth is flat