PI Jane Mugo accuses NTV and parents of fabricating Mombasa defilement case

Friday, 28 May 2021 – Here’s a statement posted by renowned private detective, Jane Mugo, exposing how NTV colluded with Mombasa Regional Commander and rogue family members to fake a rape case.

How NTV Colluded with Mombasa regional Commander, Rogue Family Members to Fake Rape Case

NTV ran a story on Friday in their evening News bulletin that left many Kenyans angered and demanded the arrest of Elijah a bus conductor from Mary Joy Academy who allegedly defiled a five-year-old school girl.

Being a mother and an advocate for Children’s rights and safety, the news prompted me to write a letter to Cradle Kenya asking them to fight for the young girl, unknown to me that the news was fabricated lies by the girl’s family with the help of Nation Media Group-NTV.

As we all know, The TRUTH always comes out.

After my letter to Cradle Kenya, I went to Kiembeni Police station to confirm the OB number and also met the parents and their daughter after which I proceeded to Mary Joy Academy and Coast General Hospital where the girl was taken for medical examination.

Dear Kenyans, I am putting this information on record so that NTV can stop lying to Kenyans and for you to know NMG has corrupt investigative journalists who work with criminals to hide the truth. Equally for our courts and parents to understand this is a business competition.
My investigation into the alleged defilement has revealed the following;

The incident occurred on Wednesday. The journalist from NTV visited the school on Thursday. The story was aired on Friday at a time the suspect had been released on cash bail.

As Ntv read the news child was in hospital being examined.

The case was reported by the parents of the girl. After filing the report with the police, The uncle Justus Andati called his close friend Denis Onsarigo who connected him to NTV reporters ( Fatuma & Peter Wanaina) who are in Mombasa.

Elijah (the suspect) was rearrested Friday night after a meeting between Mombasa regional commander, NTV journalists, and the girl’s uncle.

The court chief prosecutor advised OCS to release the suspect and do further investigation, after reading the statements of witnesses and confirming that there were 14 more students in the bus and 7 Teachers who were dropped after the girl. Something parents were doubting.

The school’s CCTV footage clearly shows the girl messed herself and was even cleaned by a caregiver who changed her clothes.

The government CCTV outside Kiembeni police station also shows the girl walking barefooted from the stage where she was dropped with her aunt holding her.

The medical report by the doctor from Coast General Hospital confirms no rape/defilement took place.

The girl’s clothes that were supposed to act as evidence were even washed immediately by her aunt’s sister to Mrs. Andati.

According to a statement by one of the school’s senior officials, the girl’s family had demanded for compensation something they refused.

The girl was not accompanied to the hospital by any police officer but later madam Kanze called his Doctor friend to help.

Initially the parents to the girl reported to school and police that their daughter was touched by his colleague in the bus called Shone.

The OCS and junior police officers are now being threatened by the regional commander after they decided to follow the truth.

Sadly, even as we continue to follow the truth, the innocent boy , is in Shimo La Tewa Prison without him being given a fair hearing just because Nation Media Group and Mombasa regional Police commander are determined to stop justice from happening.

Ironically they went to approach one of my lawyers to represent them oppose bond till mary joy academy cooperate.

I just wanted you to know the truth. I will also not stop until Elijah and the innocent girl being used by her uncle and parents gets justice.

I appreciate my followers for love you have shown me. We congratulate everyone who stands for the truth, especially the media, police, doctors, judiciary ( your dockets are very sensitive) who works diligently without being biased.

We have so many innocent persons rotting in jail because of some people’s carelessness and greed.

Some people belong in hell…
A rapist deserves to rot in jail…
But a false accusers soul deserves to rot in hell…