Phylgee Le slay queen....

So most of you have suggested and also called me a slay queen bc I asked for money from my now ex… Isorait…

What I want to know is what are the characteristics of this so called slay queen?? How does she dress up…??

Could have uploaded my pic hapa but cjui was has happened to my phone can’t upload… So, recently I wore a dress which wasn’t so short… Well, I was going out that day but still working till afternoon… The comments that I was getting cheso!! Ati girl you a slay queen… Mara cjui am going to slay sumbarry…
Anyway I don’t understand all this… Can somebody make me understand bc apparently my voice and the way I talk makes me a slay queen too…
Uploading the pic in a sec…
@hcaikp :wink:


sawa dear weka inbox wachana na wanakijiji watakurarua sana bure tuu. Don’t provoke them with trying to explain yrself dea. Twende inbox.

Sawa so nitoe pic na nidelet thread??

usi delete dear, na penda hizo thighs. huko kwingine uta malizwa dear.

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Kwa hiyo megathread @hcaikp si ameomba sana :D:D:D:D
@Phylgee you need to chill. I think guys just get fed up with being asked for cash. And the context - calling him stingy - for one incident was and remains unfair.

Meanwhile, I will also greatly appreciate your picture ikiwa kwa inbox ama hapa. I support you.

[SIZE=1]Please just send tafadhali. I won’t tell anyone. [/SIZE]


Weka number ya whatsapp inbox nikuelezee

are the rest able to see those thighs coz naona wana kuita slay q

Acha kuonea @hcaikp he’s been very supportive… Hapo kwa pic nmeshndwa kuupload… Nmeeka kwa avatar


Oooh I see. :):):):):):):slight_smile:

Acheni niitoe

uskue stingy pia…weka mpaka mbisha ya thighlands

Na si umeanza kupenda attention.

Hakuna mtu amechukua screen shot ya avator? ION hio jina slay queen is he normal terms Kenyans use bila kujua meaning yake. Me thinks inamaanisha mtu ni ratchet aka hoe


Am lucky…

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Waiting for pic upload…

So sad… ningesefisha mecho leo asubuhi


This won’t end well


Alikuwa ameweka some brown thighs kwa avatar. Si mbaya. Huyo @hcaikp ni wivu tu. Hataki tuone ati tutakuenjoy. Weka picha. Hakuna mtu atasumbua wewe.


Weka bicha