@Phylgee in my DMs five years from now


How old are you?

You should answer bhais’ question.And also how old do you think we are??


naskia mogadishu wamejenga barabara 2km

Huyo hajui chochote kinacho endelea huko.

@Phylgee ni wa @Liberty

I can’t deal with a female who has this kind of juvenile and idiotic way of thinking. Mimi nishinde nikikimbiza kunguru ati because “a yes is around the corner?” Can’t be me. Mimi ata kunguru ikinipea one word replies I just stop talking to her. Between chasing money and chasing bitches, I’ll always choose to chase money any day.

Confirm you are not my double. We reason the same.

Juzi mwingine ameni reply 'poa '. Number yake no more