Photoshop girl Sev Kinya amechoka na firimbi


@Jimit lazima ufanye hivo this year ndio uongee na wazee. na pia baba yako lazima akatwe

Your wife doesnt shave

topic ni lazima u circumcise wacha escapism

Hehe … kwani uwes ameoa mwindi? Hao ndo hawanyoagi futhi

Topic is your wife’s coochie acha kulenga

Mwindi ndo nani sasa?

Why do bonobos think circumcision is a thing? Very many people in the world don’t get circumcised.

Are you people aware that it is actually Male Sexual Mutilation?

If I could, I would return my foreskin.

i prefer to be circumsiced than not to … some of these stuff were created coz our ancestors saw a need ,this is similar to how some religions don’t eat pork because with the poor state of affairs in matters health , all manner of diseases emanated from pork leading to death so they banned pork using religion… I am sure they saw a need to circumsice and the need is still there

google balanitis… na ushukuru ulikombolewa nayo

What exactly was that need?

Uligoogle balanitis?

I am a busy man, I don’t know if my secretary or PA googled. What is it?

Busy riding bicycles to drinking dens? :smiley:

It’s is mainly a hygiene driven bacterial infection. So if you can keep it clean you are good. Otherwise, tell us why guys who get circumcised late say in teenage or adulthood good have suffered balanitis yet?

Hata Uhuru gets time to eat nyama choma at Kenyatta market to blind peasants that wako pamoja.

So now you behave like that in that backwood?