Photos proving the MGTOW theory that men age like fine wine

LOL, f*cking delusional MGTOWs

You wanted to marry them when they were still young or what?


What is this shit

This is why men should marry early. By the time unapata kipara, kitambi ama weight inaongezeka, you are already done with reproduction. Aging is inevitable, even for men. It is 1000 times better to look like that ukiwa umefunga chapter ya watoto than when childless.

Enyewe people are bitter.
Men’s value increases with age, while women’s decreases.
Looks don’t matter in the grand scheme of things for men. Wealth, success, personality matter more.
Uliza brownskin atakushow.

Gaaaaaaaaaay, Blary fagget!

Mgtow= Freedom…the above men have one similarity ,they married.Indispline ya women plus juck food eating made them age like milk.

Jeso Cristo, ona MGTOW battalion wakijiconsole :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

MGTOW = Sura Mbaya Sacco

senje hallo hallo hallo, body ya wanaume wenzako inakuhusu nini lakini

@MikeOck kwani MGTOW battalion ilikufanyia nini? Una machungu nao sana, kwani wewe ni post wall mwanamuke?

Boss, by any objective reasoning,
men=wealth, skills,personality, looks(height,physique)

Looks only matter to men when they are 18-mid twenties to bed their agemates.

upende usipende huo ndyo ukweli wa mambo.

Do you thinks men spend 30mins on a mirror every morning concentrating on looks? GTFOH

mwanaume akiwa na pesa issa dangerous specimen. Ongeza looks kidogo and u have a lethal combination, wewe baki hapo ukijiambia you are handsome. Utatombewo bibi ushangae sana.

Kama a 71 yr old Mzee Atwoli na hio kitambi yake aliweza kuoa kilobi. It shows looks do not matter as long as you are a rich man.

For the past 3 days, men have been coming to Ktalk to shame other men… By Friday mtakuwa mmemea matiti if you continue going at this rate…

Shaming is a language tactic used by women and inferior men. If a man’s lifestyle is not bothering you or harming you, why the need to shame him to conform to yours. Are you Jesus or Mohamed?

Men respect other men, women and inferior men are the ones who are bothered with the lives of free+independent men that they resort to shaming.

But I understand, MGTOW content is what is driving Ktalk traffic… So chase the bag, hii Covid is making men desperate… Feed your family in peace brother

He’s obviously being used for his money, no love there. You MGTOWs must be socially retarded to not see how women are using these beta buxxers.

Does he care if he’s getting used.? Ama when we get to heaven there will be a scoreboard on how many people loved Mzee Atwoli.?

:D:D sasa according to you nimekuwa MGTOW.
And if you had read and understood my post you would have realized I indicated she married him because he is rich.

It matters because the woman has to stitch her stomach together and even get drunk just to tolerate f*cking his ugly ass, probably treats him with zero respect cause there is zero attraction. She probably spends her time scheming on how to extract the most money out of him, or at worst, scheming on how to put him in the septic tank just so that she can have the money without the other nonsense.

Heri dame akupende cause you are sexy. The respect and admiration is uncomparable when she finds you arousing. I actually feel sorry for you ugly MGTOWs trying to cope with money instead of improving your looks.

I posted a video earlier today showing how men who only offer money get treated by women:

You must be socially retarded if you want this to be your fate in relationships

Manze. A man’s true prime is pale late twenties when his looks are still intact na pia ako na kakitu from a few years of working. If you don’t identify a long term partner then, it’ll be an uphill struggle for you to find someone who isn’t just using you for money.