Photos of triplet sisters marrying triplet brothers break the internet

Photos of triplet sisters marrying triplet brothers break the internet
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Triplets brothers and sisters have reportedly married themselves in Enugu state in a private wedding ceremony - According to local media Gistreel, the wedding took place between Okwuoma, Dumalu and Chinwe, and Kenechukwu, Chinedu, and Chukwuebuka - In the pictures, the men could be seen dressed in black suits while the women are magnificently attired with white wedding gowns


The photos of triplet sisters marrying triplet brothers in Nigeria have gone viral. According to Gistreel and many local media reports, the marriage took place in Enugu state. Pictures of the wedding surfaced on the internet on Sunday, June 7, as the name of the brothers were given as Kenechukwu, Chinedu, and Chukwuebuka.

The sisters’ names, according to the same media, are Okwuoma, Dumalu and Chinwe.

It was gathered that the wedding ceremony which occurred on the same day was attended by close family members and friends.

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