Photojournalist dies in the line of duty.

The motor sport and media fraternity are in shock following the demise of a cameraman hit by a racing car at Jamhuri Park racetrack during the sixth round of the Kenya National Autocross Championship.

Anthony Ndung’u Macharia was rushed to Karen Hospital by the event ambulance after the afternoon incident and was pronounced dead at the ICU after succumbing to his injuries.

The cameraman -killed in the line of duty- met his demise while trying to retrieve his camera and tripod from an oncoming competition car.

Stewards called off the event moments after the first heat when Robert Gow’s car clipped a bank on a straight during the official heat runs and went off into the path of the cameraman.

Was at the hospital when he was brought in, there were several code blues, but I thought they were able to save him, pole to jamaa na marafiki

Thats so sad…


RIP young man.





RIP young man. Hope lessons will be learnt from this tragedy. I previously attended Kajiado Rally. It was the most scary , reckless and dangerously organised car sports rally i had ever witnessed. Spectators running across the road as cars approach , to have better views and take photos. Huge uncontrolled crowds. Lots of drunkenness and rowdy behavior. Few people died in horror crash back to Nrb due to speeding and drunk driving.

Spectators and journalist under false illusions that those rally drivers cannot lose control and cause an accident.

Better education, planning , crowd control would reduce accidents





I thought so too.

How do you set your equipment on the path of racing cars? Zikuondokee?

The gene pool just received another dose of chlorine.



Pole kwa jamaa Na familia. Can’t imagine what the parents, wife n kids are going through now. To lose a someone at the prime of his life just like that? Sad. Rest in peace, bro.

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your avatar makes your condolences look like a mockery…coz you look like the grim reaper himself…

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Greetings sir. That is the joker. Google him and read his quotes…


whatever he is…he has succeeded in looking oogly, nay, fearsome…


Dude…thats cold