Photography Tech

@Riva @TerribleWaste And other photographers in the village, what you think about this Tech. Apparently it’s one of the most crowdfunded piece of technology ever in Kickstarter


Nice especially hapo kwa timelapses and self adjusting exposure

Why can’t this tech be inbuilt into a phone? Especially those cameracentric ones like Oppo, Samsung, Apple etc

Wah,the only things i knew about cameras was zoom and captcha

Toa hio china phone kwa hio list

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I think there’s some fulfilling joy to be had in the frustrations of photography. I wouldn’t use it and I don’t see anyone who enjoys photography using it. This is for those who want really cool DSLR quality pictures but not necessarily go through the little frustrations and patience of photography.

The first time my buddy and I did a hyperlapse we spent a whole Sunday doing it. It was hella frustrating… but very enjoyable.

Would you use a device on your bike that helps you chew up hills? Yeah… same way cyclists love pain of going uphill…


:):slight_smile: why? They are doing a really commendable job in the mid-range section and releasing their bezelles phone this month to compete with Apple and Samsung

Would never use a motor, guessing you’re not a fan of AI?

Not this kind. This takes on an art. Phtography is an art and this AI will remove originality/uniqueness of photographers. AI taking photos? Not a fan.

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Given how ubiquitous cameras have become, would you say there are original photos or just variants of photos some taken with more advanced cameras to make them sharper?

Original photos are getting fewer and fewer yeah. But, I genuinely think this AI will eliminate original photos altogether. Portraits taken the same way, landscapes that look similar… and perfect etc. There are some amazing photos were as a result of accidentally having wrong camera settings…


iPhone has time lapse for example though a DSLR always provides better quality. For the other features I think phone companies try (such as having HDR etc) but they cant meet the capabilities and versatility of a DSLR. What this Arsenal product is bringing is the convenience. It is eliminating the manual aspect of setting up a good photo by providing self adjusting capability. It is bridging there complexity of manual DSLR and the relative simplicity of phone cameras.

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I get the art side of wanting to set up your equipment and haggling for the perfect shot, for hobbyists of point and click can actually see myself using such a device

Me too. I take pride in setting up the camera, getting good exposure, shutter speed etc. when a photo comes out we’ll purely based on my input, it feels very good. But AI (and even photoshop to some extent) eliminate the art in photography. Think about when photographers had film cameras and a bunch of filters and they still made award winning photos that even now are viewed as excellent photos.
The only gadget I would want is an auto shutter release for time lapse images but beyond there I’d rather invest in better lenses and filters.


Its an interesting idea…but it takes away from the fun of experimenting with different setting to get that shot. You will never learn to take a proper shot with this gadget.
Its akin to saying that you arent a real driver if you cant drive a manual car competently

Gio and your pretentiousness of being a geek you drive me up the wall. Hearing you talk someone wouldn’t guess that you ride your bicycle na socks za job. Meffi

Mbona umesahau viatu official? Na BTW ulihama ama bado unaitisha mum food?

Am with you on that. This looks like a manmade photo, fine tuned to bits. Nothing beats the natural order of things


Think it would appeal to hobbyists though

photography is never about the equipment. it is about a photography having a particular idea and expressing. gadgets can never replace the photography skill. skill that takes time to build

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