Photography Manenos: Partial Solar Eclipse

Today is a busy day, but i’ve squeezed in a moment to capture the glory of the partial eclipse.

Time taken: about 11:42 AM
Location: County 037
Camera: Nikon D3200
Exposure: 1/4000 f32 and using ND8 filter

[ATTACH=full]55416[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]55417[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]55418[/ATTACH]


kali, ulipiga aje ivyo

I used a 70-300mm lens

Put an ND8 filter on the lens (it’s very dark and helps to reduce the light)

Set the camera to the highest possible aperture (the hole was very small to allow minimal light) coz the sun is very bright

Set the exposure to the shortest possible (anywhere above 1/1000 is good but the higher the better coz the sun has too much light)

Zoomed to 300mm


Shot and reviewed to improve.

[ATTACH=full]55420[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]55421[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]55422[/ATTACH]

Smart, sisi tunaona tu Giza/mawingu huko juu. Hapa chino ni garbage na raw sewage tu Nairobi yote.

Hehe too bad. The sky has never been clearer where I am

Very spectacular.

September casually rolling in with an eclipse.

Nikon D7000 too could pull this off well…

Noma. Instagram/Panoramio/Flikr upo ? I want to see your other work.

I approve. Awesome work

of late I have seen a stampede towards photography, I even have cousins pursuing it in college. How commercially viable is it considering that we now have good cameras on phones. and how much is a Nikon D3200

Photography is a beautiful hobby. Making consistent income out of it is the challenge. Tried it and gave up.

Time taken: about 11:49 AM
Location: County 001
Camera: Techno phone
Exposure: Flash off

Hehe. Siukona umeffi

Hauko Mbeya tena ES?


Nilikuwa nimelala…
Would have taken a few shots with my Olympus mirrorless with telephoto zoom lense.
Nice work though

Great. Thanks for sharing.

It’s only commercially viable after you make your name (which takes time and practice) and have proper gear (which is very expensive; thus you need a source of income to get the basic gear). It’s only good as a hobby which if perfected can grow into a side hustle and possibly later the main hustle. Many people don’t want to pay well for photography. They don’t understand the skills behind it.

Personally I can only go to a formal school if I’m already commercializing my work. Otherwise, the Internet and the free Nikon school events are good enough.