photography business

is 100k enough to start a simple studio…in kisii town

Is 100k enough to pay rent for the studio for 9 whole months? If the answer is yes, just do it!

Boss hio ni kidogo sana.
DSLR camera for a start anza na Nikkon D5500 ama 3400 which goes for 45-55k. Lens go for 55mm-200mm hio ni 15k.
Lighting cheapest you can get ranges 15-25k.
Rent na licences . pesa ni kidogo labda ufungue wines and spirit. Ama ununue troli uanze kuuza mayai na smokies.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an unused room in your house, open your studio there. Renting space itakumaliza bure. I rented space when I started photography but later relocated to home and it’s been working out very well.

Is 100k even enough to buy a pro camera?

bei ya camera pekee utamtoa machosi

It’s enough to start, as you asked. But it’s not enough to operate unprofitable for 3 months, which is what you should be worried about.