Photography Biz

Anyone in the photography side hustle please share your tips and tricks especially in Framing and Mounting services and best borderless photo printer all in one.

200 is little, charge 300/350 upwards. Framing also has great returns depending on type of frame used.

buda unajua kweli kuna camera ya over $2000?

Weka sample ya picha hapa!

There is a place I know in town they print them at 450 for the smallest size.
So yes,I can pay but not a soft copy.

Have been there. Returns are good in the range of 90% profits. Customer satisfaction is high especially if you invest in quality kit.
Challenge is hitting critical mass. While profits are high, getting enough customers to sustain a business is a problem especially in this era of sophisticated mobile phone cameras. Actually, the phone camera has dealt a death blow to traditional photography.
The other big issue is this is a business you cannot delegate.

Market iko kwa izi vitu wanaitaga photoshoot. Mtu akiwa na mimba…msichana akiwa na makalio kubwa…mtu akitaka kupropose…vitu kama izo.
Jaribu photoshoot mbili per week, a wedding or related function each weekend…