Photographer loses equipment to mchele gang

Friday, 02 July 2021 – Timothy Ndung’u, a Nairobi-based photographer, is counting losses after he lost camera equipment worth Sh 300,000 to two unidentified ladies who lured him into an apartment along TRM drive.
Narrating the incident on social media, Timothy said that the ladies posed as clients and invited him to an Airbnb apartment along TRM Drive.
When he reached there, they offered him coffee that was spiked.
He started feeling dizzy and then blacked out.
He woke up hours later, only to realize that the ladies had stolen his camera equipment that he had hired from another photographer.
When he reported the robbery incident to the apartment’s management, he was informed that the ladies’ details were not recorded before they got in.

They were only caught on CCTV leaving the apartment after drugging him and stealing his equipment.
“Our Photographer Timothy Ndung’u Tim visuals was booked for a photoshoot on Tuesday by Mary Agumba (The client) they later with another lady drugged him and stole his equipments.
Help Tim find the equipments,”
Inooro FM Jeff Kuria, is a close friend of the aggrieved photographer, posted on his Facebook page.

Lesbian action ilienda seke mnege akala mchele! hata jamaa hana msee wa mkono

who goes drinking with expensive rented equipment… shida zingine ni za kujitafutia

Ukisoma hapo utaona jina COFFEE

Saturday, July 3, 2021 – CCTV footage showing how ladies who stole camera equipment worth Sh 300,000 from a Nairobi photographer identified as Timothy Ndung’u has emerged.
Timothy was lured into an Airbnb apartment along TRM drive by the cunning ladies posing as clients.
They offered him spiked coffee, only to realize that they had stolen his camera equipment after he woke up hours later.
A CCTV footage shared online shows the ladies walking out of the apartment carrying the stolen camera equipment in bags.
Unfortunately, the details of the suspects were not recorded before they got in.

wadau wacha niwaambie for free hata kama wewe ni ndume aje , pombe isiwai kudanganya uchukue madem wawili strangers ati unaenda kukamua it will end in tears.

but hio umbwa pia unaenda umalaya na camera worth 300k aje? looks like anataka kuiba camera

Omwami, hizi kunguru hukumboa Airbnb swafi wapigiwe mbisha huko waset standards IG. Jamaa alikua kazi sio umalaya.

Remember when our parents warned us about eating and drinking food offered by strangers? Mimi sikulangi ovyo ovyo which has been mistaken for maringo but this is how you avoid being poisoned or getting foodborne illnesses. Just say no.