Photocopy scam at DCI good conduct application

This is how it happens: You are supposed to submit one copy of national ID together with 2 invoices, and a copy of the fingerprints form.

When you present copy of ID, the fingerprint officer asks for a second copy (note that they only need one), when u produce it they insist that either the pic or the thumbprint is “not clear enough” and directs u to a guard who in turn directs u to a photocopy shop behind GPO where u pay 10bob.

On a closer look, the copy of the ID is even poorer than what u had come with and was rejected.

The situation is the same at DCI Hq, where they insist that u must get a copy of the ID from their copiers located inside the fingerprinting hall no matter how clear the copy u came with is.

Boyshaod Nyakundi if u are here forward this to Kinoti, ISSA SCAM!!! AS KENYANS IT’S TIME WE STOOD UP AGAINST THIS ISHT!!

The copy scam is at ALL government offices. It also includes printing of forms that were formerly available for free. Most often the proprietor is an officer’s family.

Nilienda GPO and the same happened i had a coloured copy and the grayscale one but zote zikakataliwa.

The Mombasa Huduma Center has a photocopy bureau inside the center! ISSA SCUM!!!

Sijui nani ali roga kenyans…

Mimi pia nlijua hio scam ni kukuja na yako na kuikata to the size ya kama hio yao, they cut it by half or quarter, just go with full and approximate the actual ukatie on sight, that should give them he’ll of time jioni wakishindwa kubalance mahesabu:D

Almost all of them have, kila kitu unaambiwa, enda cyber. Ukora mtupu.

You have never been to the cyber yenye iko pale karura ndani…They charge you 300 for the application and printing na ukitaka kuprint pekee the charge you 200 for printing, The problem is hawakwambii price mpaka they make sure they are done.

Hata kwa police station canteens vile vile… Abstract katoe copies mbili.

Kabisa! it happened to me. I was SO annoyed!
but sikulipya fotocopy…nilienda pale jogoo hse nikatumia copier zao sare…nikarudisha clear color copy…hehe those shits

Nyakundi alifukuzwa Twitter. Akina Orry Okoloh wa @Mjuaji don’t have the balls to expose such

I expect some reporter will do a story on this without every giving credit to this kijiji

This has been going on in all govt buildings. Kwani ukitoka nje ukawie one minute urudi na ile ile rejected watakuambia nini?

KAWAIDA YAO, ill post nikiiona

I haven’t forgotten my experiences at that place last year

The problem is that Kenyans go to Huduma to seek services that are available online some that you can even do on your phone so at the cyber they can be assisted for a fee or they pay for internet

Where’s the information, how are they supposed to know and whose responsibility is it to make them aware?
Don’t fall into the mistake of believing that everyone knows what you know.

Wewe mjuaji si utuambie vile utareplace ID on the internet!

Humbwer to quote @introvert

I was talking about issues like driving license, passport etc saitan to quote @introvert

Wewe huelewi…they normally require someone to go with a copy of something…but they end up telling u to make “a clearer copy” in a cyber or copier that they will direct u to.