Photocopy papers

Hey good people I am looking for a way to get photocopy papers at an affordable price. If anyone has a link or knowledge on how and where I can get them please let’s talk.

What is affordable prices to you?


Vile osama mabomb amesema

Fika huko nyuma ya Kampala Coach kuna maduka mengi ya kuuza photocopy papers kwa bei ya jumla.

How much are you getting them at currently, what is your budget and what quantity do you need? Jibu hayo na utasaidika haraka.

And on that note best home color 3in1 printer ni ipi? Il be doing 20pages per month. I normally hv ‘emergency’ and sensitive doc printing for my side hustles


I’d recommend Epson. I personally use L382 and it is quite ink efficient for moderate printing

if i can get them at 300/ream bob then that will be my affordable price @MBOMB and @user_manual

First inquire with @Big fire huyu hawezi kosa.

Mimi Niko na 2 printers tu

Ingia Careffour uchukue ream. They sell at 300 bob. But I hear cheap paper is expensive on ink.

Sasa fuata ushauri ya @JM. Pombe venye amesema hapo juu