When it comes to relationship would you let your partner to have access to your phone. Is the information in your phone incriminating. Will it break your relationship once she has access to it. For me I think its better for everyone to stay with his/her phone. The truth is that if you are looking for something in your partners phone then you will surely find it. From chats with exes and other females/males that include previous sex adventures with other people.

Before breaking up with Crystal there’s this day we took some selfies with my phone and she went through them. Being curious she scrolled through my camera gallery and found photos of other females in my phone, other photos involve females kissing me on my cheek. It caused some commotion but I assured her nothing was going at least she hadn’t got to my WhatsApp messages and SMS’s. She was always secretive with her phone before I came to found that the bitch was cheating on me with Caleb one of my friends.

With Bernice everything’s going great. There’s a day I was really tempted to go through her phone but I let it go. Coz if its evidence am looking I will surely find out. After all I ain’t clean myself, I have fucked a couple of other females when with her. We just live with faith that no one gives the other some dreaded STI’s coz I know some dude somewhere is taking chances with her. If we could decide to exchange phones with each other then trust you me the relationship would long be over.

What do you think about this phone issue??

nimeachia hapo coz its a big nooooooooooooooooooooo.nefa efa

eee iko na partern 40 na password 60 simu nampa roho swafe

i kent stay in a relationship where phones are private…nefa effa.

Have a private zone app in your phone where you keep such pics and videos. Without pics evidence nobody could think of going for messages and whatsapp…

Mimi simu yangu haina password wala pattern, reason being my wife doesn’t understand my mother tongue so if I want to cheat on her nakula mademu wenye tunashare mother tongue:D:D:D na kama kuna communication na side chick I use my mother tongue

mambo ya simu colombo hapendi, How i wish we could go back in time when we wrote letters slowly couze our bitches could not read fast…
seal the envelope and apologize you forgot to put pocket money inside… and on and on

Women should understand men were created to populate the world that means he will never stop at one pucci it’s in their nature. The important thing is that he respects the woman he’s with.mute that crazy mbish when Ur with ua woman

Utajua hujui ile siku atapata mtu wa kumfanyia translation.

Not soon bro

Do not underestimate her.

Atapiga screenshot ya convo wakati hujui ajitumie apelekee wamama wenzake wamfanyie translation… Utajua hujui

I have caught several women cheating by going through their phones.

Iko moja I read several smses from various men saying how they missed her sweet body etc. Luckily she used to insist I use protection. Alinivunja moyo kweli

At least she saved your life by insisting you use protection… Otherwise ungekuwa six feet under

Alikuwa sawa it was just because hakutaka ball na magonjwa. She had a son. She had insisted severally we get tested coz I was proposing we begin safe day dryfry. I was the one who liked dodging the test because I like going alone kwanza then once am sure we go together.

But its okay she proposed protection at least you know uko safe now…you can never trust a female in this country

your phone is private, your wife’s isn’t

Been there… Haes jua but with time yeah

My friend I don’t use sms ,my communication with side chick is always oral.

My wife doesn’t have access to my phone. But I have access to her phone whenever I want.