Phones With Front Flash Are For Peasants

Any device that you come across running Go Apps jua tu Ram Iko down sana and most likely it’s a 512MB or 1GB, secondly front flash is a no no, hiyo ni simu ya ki fala where the manufacturer is trying to cut costs of installing a high power camera sensor and trying to compensate it with secondary lighting

There are so many garbage phones out here and I don’t know why they keep getting dumped in kenya.
So what ,

The list of trash is big. But one thing I know is that a fool with money can buy just anything.

I had not noticed that mine also doesn’t have a front flash

Ebu jaribu kuambia ule kipara wa sauti sol Infinix ni simu ya peasant

Africa is a dumping site. Naona sikuuizi market imejaa refurbished iPhones and blackberry. Anyway, we have no choice but to use them. Bora communication

Hizi zimekuwa obsolete,buy one at your own risk

Simu za China ni UMMEFFI tupu

Leta hekaya

Ni bure kabisa