PHONES AND SOCIAL MEDIA,the real zombie apocalypse

I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour.
The virtual world, one of the enemy’s weapons from his arsenal. The double edged sword, causing more harm than good. The major cause of modern day depression.
Everone reading this has two kinds of motivations in their life, we are all a mixture of both. Everyone has something in their life that they enjoy doing. This is called the intrinsic motivation. Tutoe example, you love painting and because you enjoy it and you hardly go a day without painting. Why? it’s because it gives you joy as you find it interesting, fascinating and you have no external cause that pressurizes you to. On the other side we have the extrinsic motivation (the ego feeding type) which most of you will relate to because you do this just because of society, majority of the things you westernized Kenyans and others do stem from the thoughts of what others percieve of you, what they will say of you and so forth. I know this for a fact, colleagues borrowing loans to buy a car in order to please people, yet you have no house nor home. Impressing women at the detriment of your wallet, forgetting your parents’ needs back at home. Drinking thousands at a club setting aside the thought that you have secret bills to pay that you didnt disclose in your night out. (Nitawaclassify kama wajinga, people pleasers, indisciplined lowlifes. Beta human beings without a backbone. Immoral people with no moral law guiding them. Mere pawns in the matrix, hellbound NPCs doing whateveryone is doing. you can skip this as it does not concern the main context)

Social media is addictive. thats why you rush to your phone few minutes after waking up without even thanking the most high, and even if you do you do it half assed. Robert Spolski who did the foundational research at Stanford University calls it the magic of maybe. It goes like this: Each time you check your phone for a notification, maybe its there maybe its not ( this goes on for quite some time) and the moment it shows up you get a 400% spike in dopamine that is roughly lt the same amount of dopamine you get from a hit of cocaine. We really care about what people think of us. You check your god for notifications and messages, go through a number of reels that delay your precious time of which you could have watched something productive . And when there arent that many you create them, by uploading something funny, enticing or controversial just to get that dopamine hit from the replies even if it as a laughing emoji from someone you barely know. That makes you feel recognized for the most part of the day forgetting that was all hevel, virtual as it is. This is a fact many major social media companies hire individuals called attention engineers who borrow principals from Las Vegas casino gambling among other places to try to make these products as addictive as possible that is the desired use case of these products.
Prof.Tim Kasser showed a couple of interesting things. Firstly the more you are driven by the hollow external virtual world, the more you are likely to be depressed and anxious by quite a significant amount. In mordern society, we have been driven by these values. Think about how instagram makes you feel. You upload an IG status on your account, and every 2 minutes you go referring to it just to satisfy your ego. Did this person that I’m targetting view my status? sand so what if he did. People especially of this generation go to an event and get to recording most of every important thing happening forgetting they are currently living a moment in history. In order to display their life to envy other people, they end up not living their life. No one wants to watch your low quality video of alcohol on a bottle. There are thousands more of better videos in the Johhny walker website. You’re doing that for people to worship you. It doesnt make you feel better, and it certainly makes you feel worse because you are causing tension amongst stangers on the internet. Nothing but self-worship

All these have been designed to deflect on what are the most important things are in life because none of you reading this will lie on your death bed thinking about what they bought or how many likes you got on instagram. Rather you will think about moments of meaning and connection. It’s funny because the same thing happens when we are sick; the only thing we wish for is to be healthy again. It is a bennial and obvious thing that no one talks about. Ni uoga and the fear to be the outcast of your group in these perilous times forgetting narrow is the way and broad leads to destruction which many go through. We are pushed by this fallen system to think that all these junk things matter. Public servants neglect to do the job they once prayed to God for in tears just to provide them for means to put food on the table on social media only for you ending up “chasing the wind” as Solomon calls it.


2 Corinthians 4:4 .The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.
2 Timothy 3: But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God- having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.






Thanks for the reminder.

Pinnable thread.

Interesting views, but isn’t it ironical that you are using social media to pass your message. Everything in life should be in moderation…even too much of the scriptures is dangerous.

Do you want us to go back to living in caves and hunting wild animals for food?

There’s also alot of good in social media. Especially in the lockdown most churches which were never online went online. If you check on my FB I am subscribed to church services in US, Australia, TZ, Naks, MSA. Whenever I come across a pastor I like I subscribe to his or her channel I love being able to listen to sermons as I do my work. Frankly speaking it is the best thing that ever happened. Nobody especially non church goers have excuses for not receiving God’s word.

Another thing I love about social media is that it helps connect us to people who may need our help and support and also from whose story we can learn something. Like Tuko talks and Moments with Justus among others. Personally I am a huge fan of channels for testimonies. Some YT Channels are dedicated to testimonies.

Social media also helps people with similar interests and hobbies come together in online communities. We have on FB for example Nanny Beware where women warn each other of the bad nannies. We have Buyer Beware which exposes con artists. We have Kilimani Moms where women seek advice on their family issues. We have Cook Kenyan Meals which is where 3 ladies who love cooking met and started a cooking business. Let’s not forget the fish guy who got famous after asking people on Twitter to give him orders.

Social media like everything else is what you will make it. Just like money it only magnifies who you are, it doesn’t change you.

Lemme talk more on interests and hobbies. Lemme talk about the communities I am in or pages I follow, one is supercar blonde where a blond woman shows amazing cars. I love it because of the lady and of course the cars are super like the name refers.

Like y’all know I love True Crime, as my handle denotes, I also love people who write about True Crime. TrumanCapote wrote about the cold blooded murder of 4 members of the clutter who were killed during a robbery. He wrote about alot of different things but this is what made him famous.

So currently I am in like 3 True Crime FB communities. Find Orwell and Orson West about 2 boys aged 3 and 4 who went missing from their adoptive parents home a few days to Christmas in Cal City.

I am in Investigation Discovery Superfans. Instead of people thinking that you are wack for having an interest in true crime as @Ambala does about what he calls my morbid obsession with true crime, I meet like minded people who can laugh about it and also web sleuth abit. Currently I am following 2 cases closely on YT, the case of Aiden Fucci a 14 yo boy who killed his classmate. I am also following a case on Court TV where a woman entered a strangers car mistaking it for an Uber and was tortured to death. I love the court process of US, quick and jury based.

Then I am on Glam My House where for the first time in my life I saw what a rastafarians house looks like. It was hilarious. Women Leaving abusive marriages with nothing get hand me downs from members to help them get back on their feet.

When you want to be sulky about your life you come across a woman like Virginia Wangari who for 5 years had not been in touch with her own children and the turning of her fortunes, you realize that you have alot to be grateful for and if God can salvage such a dire situation your problems pale in comparison.

I follow a guy in Saudi called Mwana wa Mary, fondly referred to by women in the gulf as Mwana there’s a Luhya way of pronouncing it. He’s been helping Kenyans get medical attention and bodies of dead Kenyan girls be repatriated back to Kenya for burial. He’s currently incarcerated for 3 months for his activism by the lousy Kenyan Embassy which just ignores Kenyans in Saudi and other Middle Eastern countries.

I also subscribe to a few channels of women working in Saudi as shagala or house helps. I love their positivity, faith and showing us how to cook Arabic food stuffs. I also follow a channel called Danjic which highlights the plight of Kenyan girls who are in trouble in Gulf and their testimonies of God’s deliverance when they get back home.

I am subscribed to a few podcasts I think they’re all true crime. Minds of Madness because I love the presenter’s voice sometimes I fall asleep to it is how much I love his voice. Another is crimes of passion which delves alot into human nature. Wondery True Crime. Crime lines a woman who goes for True Crime Festival and the true crime expos. And you thought that I was crime talk obsessed. I also love True Crime Chronicles,a vault studio production whose presentation I love. Housewives of True Crime done by actual housewives. And of course Serial Killers and Cults. Not forgetting Execution Watch which is by a guy who writes letters to criminals on death row about to get executed and reads out their letters.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. Social media has the capacity to enrich as well as to impoverish. It’s your call!

I have moved away from groups and channels that are anti something like anti Democrat like the Officer Tatum, Candace Owen and ABL. I now focus on what I like and like minded people rather than the enemy of my enemy is my friend type association.

What name do you use on FB?:slight_smile:


Ulizia tuu utapewa.